Monday, June 18, 2012

VMware Player and Custom NAT port map settings

For my BBB Virtual machine on Windows 7, I need to have NAT settings with custom port mapping. VMPlayer does not have the "vmnetcfg" program extracted at install time, so custom NAT settings are not possible.
To manually extract the "vmnetcfg" configuration program, after installation, re-execute the VMPlayer steup program as:
Drive:> VMware-player-?.?.?-??????.exe /e .\VMTools
This will extract the all the installation files into "VMTools" directory. One of the extracted files is a cabinet file called "", which contains "vmnetcfg.exe". Open "" (as a folder) and copy "vmnetcfg.exe" and paste it into the installation root of "VMPlayer"; (usually: "C:\Program Files\VMware\VMware Player")
Run "vmnetcfg.exe" and this will give you full access to detailed network settings of all your virtual machines:
vmnetcfg UI

Click on NAT settings and you get:


Afnan Chowdhury said...

You saved my day mate. my situation was: running vmware player on win 7 build practice lab with win server 2008 using NAT on my laptop and I wanted to work on my desktop RDP to my laptop.

Once I get this vmnetcfg up, I used port forwarding

Here you go now I can do it.

Anonymous said...

In VMWare Player 5 you need to:

go to the vmware-directory and run in elevated cmd.exe-box

rundll32.exe vmnetui.dll VMNetUI_ShowStandalone

Alexander Kriegisch said...

@jcollum: Thanks, this really helped me. :)

Raja Yugagularajah said...

@jcollum thanks for that info.

Blue Gene said...

I am using VM Player 6.0.1 build-1379776.
I extracted files as you instructed but there is no vmnetcfg.

Is there any other way to do port forwarding?


Blue Gene said...


I found the solution here

Abdul Raheem said...

Thanks for sharing the details!
i would like to more information from your side!
please added more then tips!Am working in
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Pornthep Suwantanapanich said...

My Web server in VM as GUEST works properly when any internet client browses via VMWare NAT8 on HTTP port 80. But any FTP command of Home page in GUEST doesn't work. I suspect that FTP whether is able to be over HTTP or not. please kindly suggest me.

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