Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Big Blue Button Test Server is up!

Big Blue Button (BBB) test server in Seneca is up. Please spread the word and let Senecans use it and give us feed back.

The URL for the server is https://bbb.senecac.on.ca

You can read about BBB at Seneca CDOT Wiki and also at bigbluebutton.org

Please note that this is a test server, therefore the SSL certificate is self-signed, so if you get a warning, it is normal! Also, the server may go through update, builds and so on; so although we ask and encourage you to use it, make sure you don't rely on it as your only solution for lectures and conferences (always have a backup plan),

And again contact the contributors for any concern, suggestion, etc...


Anonymous said...

Just tested it a bit, looks nice! Just curious, how do you process authentication for students? And as well as grabbing their info?

Fardad S. said...

the authentication and information is done through LDAP

Unknown said...

I'm trying the auth module to authenticate through a ldap server.
From logs it seems that my bbb server, using seneca auth module, can't contact ldap server.

Doanh Doanh said...
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