Tuesday, July 15, 2014

TD Canada Trust VISA Infinite First Class Travel credit card; Travel insurance coverage and emergency assistance failed when hurricane Arthur hit.

TD Canada Trust Visa Infinite First Class "Travel" card mislead us when our flight got cancelled because of hurricane Arthur and cost us hundreds of Dollars.

If you got TD Canada Trust Visa Infinite First Class Travel Visa card read this. It might come handy to you when you are in time of need and emergency

We  took a trip to the Maritimes right before hurricane Arthur hit. We were two families with their 7 year old and our 11 months old daughter. We had a beautiful time and were due to fly back to Toronto on Saturday, July 5th,2014.  We had a rental car from Fredricton airport Avis rental office and were trying to get there to return the car and fly back. On our way we got to Moncton city around 14:00. We found out that our flight is cancelled, and half of Fredricton is without electricity. So we drove to Moncton airport to see what we can do.

Avis, the car rental company,  accepted to get the car back at Moncton but charged us 150 Dollars extra. This sounded very unfair but we had no choice. (Avis refunded the money later.)

Air Canada offered us another indirect flight back to Toronto the next day hiwever there were flights available through other airlines from Moncton, (like porter). We could get those flights and go back the same day; which we would have taken if we knew it is covered by our credit card.

Now, I admit that you should read all the details of your credit card agreement when you sign the contract, but it was done several years ago and we were not sure what is covered and what is not, so we called the number at the back of our credit card. Our Friends called their CIBC Visa and I was on the line for more than 24 minutes with TD Visa "First Class" Travel card.

Talking to CIBC Visa my friend found out that they have coverage for meal, accommodation and entertainment up to certain amount. Everything was taken care of for them in matter of minutes. (thanks CIBC)

Talking to TD Visa, I specifically asked if we were covered for accommodation and meals if my flight is delayed, (which in the contract it is under trip interruption). I also asked what is my spending limit so I can look for the hotel that I can afford. The insurance adviser opened a claim case for me; advised me to pay for the hotel and meals with my credit card so it is easily traced and emailed me the claim number and forms right away. But either forgot to answer or did not know my coverage or my spending limits but instead gave me the phone number of the claims department so I can ask any other question.

I thanked the insurance adviser for the help, hung up and called the claims department to find out what are my spending limits. When I called them to my surprise I got the recording that the claims department is open Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm!!!!

We replied to the email (claim forms and number) immediately and asked what our spending limits are and we got an auto reply back that the claim department is closed and they will reply to our email on coming Monday.

So we thought, the heck with it, we will go to the hotel and worse come to worst, I will only pay for the difference.

When we got home, we went through the contract and found out that neither accommodations nor meals are covered and the only thing that is covered is the price of the ticket for the Airplane!!!! So in other words the TD Travel Credit Card insurance only pays for what the airline already covers, OR TD VISA covers nothing!

If I knew what my credit card insurance covers, I would have taken another flight with another airline the same day, that would have been covered by my credit card insurance. But because the insurance adviser's misleading comments, and lack of 24 hours claims helpline,  I paid several hundred Dollars out of my pocket.

We went to the bank and complained and threatened to close up all our accounts, but were told that TD Canada Trust has nothing to do with its Visa Card! They are separate entities and we have to take our complaint to Visa.

My wife called VISA and they told her, our Insurance company is a separate entity and you have to talk to customer care of VISA insurance department, so they redirected her call. First a lady agent answered from claims department. My wife explained everything and the agent said that the claims department is open 24/7 and she does not know what we are talking about and then she said maybe we called the wrong number. When my wife said we not only called but also emailed and we have the auto reply email of the claim department stating that they are closed and we can forward it to her, she said let me double check. Then she admitted that in fact the claim dep. is closed, but there is something called front line that is apparently 24/7. But what is the number of that "front line", nobody knows. Then she redirected us to front line so I can file my complaint.

Now a male agent replied that your VISA does not cover anything and if there is anything else he can help us with. My wife said I am not here to get help but to file a complaint. He said hold on for a minute, he came back after few minutes and said I already filed everything, is there anything else?

Then surprised, my wife asked; is that it? how about a complaint reference number? He said hold on and put my wife on hold again. After a short pause he gave my wife a number. Then my wife asked "What am I supposed to do with this number? How can I get an update? And by the way I should have mentioned that this conversation is being recorded and will be used as evidence when talking to the Media."  At this moment suddenly the agent's tone changed and said I will send an email to my supervisor right away and by the way we don't have any contact information from you. He got my wife's number.

And this was a week ago and we are still waiting.

Also I have to mention, when we complained to Avis rental car about this, they took care of it very well and professionally and refunded our 150 Dollars.
Thanks Avis.

I wrote this blog to be able to refer to it when talking to the Media and if you read this, please share it with others. Specially if your friends are TD Visa customers.