Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Bicycle Racks on Viva Buses in Toronto

All different transit authorities in Greater Toronto Area and surroundings  have bicycle racks installed on theirs buses but Viva. To make things worse they don't have a "set" policy for allowing bicycles in the bus and it is the drivers discretion to let the bicycles in the bus. So you can never be certain if you can get to your destination or you have to wait for another Viva bus to arrive and see if next driver will pity you and let you in.
This is what YRT (the YRT/Viva) has on its website for bicycle policy and here is their "Bike 'n' Bus" program that fails to explain what happens if you get into a Viva bus.

How much more we have to wait before the bike racks are installed? Maybe this blog reaches them, because my phone calls and emails did not!


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