Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Upgrading BBB VM 0.71a to 0.8 (continued)

After getting home I copied the VM downloaded from BBB VM setup page and then went through the steps of  upgrading 0.71a to 0.80.
I had a minor problem when using samba through windows. I created bash script files but they were in dos format so I had to run "fromdos" command to convert them to unix format. Then I just used textpad and save the files in Unix fromat, which saved lots of time.

Everything went through smoothly and the bbb conference page came up nicely.  I tried simulated conference through the LAN and everything worked perfectly. But I am afraid the recording is not working properly and I have few problems; first that The "uplaod presentation" button does not come up on the screen" and it only appears when several users are online and the presenter is switched and also the recording did not show up in the list. I think the problem could be that I was not patient and didn't wait long enough; it is a virtual machine after all and probably need much more time than a dedicated server to do all the process.

I'll try again the we'll see...



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