Friday, October 10, 2008

Toshiba and its help desk

Today I also want to talk about Toshiba's help desk.

I got this notebook from work, not by choice! Not that it is not a good one, it is pretty fair.
It is a 64 bit computer so you would assume it would come with a 64 OS. It didn't!

I got the vista 64 and installed it. lots of drivers missing, graphics didn't work, etc....

So I went to Toshiba's support website and selected the model (Toshiba satellite pro p200 psp...) and found out that there is not a single 64 bit driver provided from the manufacturer. The funny thing is that when I went to the ATI (graphic card's manufacturer) website to find the driver, they redirected me to Toshiba!

So I called Toshiba's help desk. Someone who I think have never heard what is "64bit" answered and started browsing Toshiba's website for me behind the phone!!! as if I can't do that myself! She told me: "I can't see anything here". Of course you can't, if you could, I would not have called you!!!! I am very displeased with Toshiba's help desk and sadly I don't have a choice.

Any way, I applied all the updates from Microsoft and magically, through update the proper drivers were installed. (happy ending!, see my previous blog)

I miss my Dell.

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